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Demographics :
  • Our readers are affluent, 50 plus in age, are health-conscious, subscribe to health literature, and earn at least $60,000 in income.
  • Home Care For YOU is delivered to doctor offices, hospitals, clinics in the states of: Indiana, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, and Nevada.
  • Estimated readership of 300,000

Enhanced Website :
Our readers are drawn into Home Care For YOU by the use of well-choreographed videos of doctors speaking about various diseases, fitness experts, and cooking demonstrations. In addition, beautifully designed videos of some of the lifestyle topics take the readers to far- away places in travel, gardening techniques, and how to care for pets. All of the lifestyle pieces are intended to offer the reader a balanced life that incorporates health, healing, and happiness.
  • Videos posted on YouTube
  • All articles are audio equipped for the hearing impaired
  • Premium placements to suit your budget
  • E-letter - sent monthly to a targeted mailing list, and composed of editorial designed to bring the reader into the site to view your advertisements.
  • Tracking
  • Use of keywords to attract visitors
  • Partnered links that bring visitors from other sites

Home Care For YOU is set apart :
  • Medical professionals author the health articles to insure the reader receives true and factual information�not "Lose Ten Pounds in Three Days" hype, but credible facts.
  • Health professionals provide information based on actual patient questions and treatments.
  • Not "Fad Health," but "True Health."
  • Traditional and alternative treatment options for all diseases.
  • Home care topics, dental, pharmacy, nutrition, disease treatment, preventive health, recipes, and lifestyle topics.

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For more information you can also write direct at rrelan@homecareforyou.com or call Rajesh Relan at 650-561-4635

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