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As more Americans are given charge of their health care, a publication that contains authentic health information is not only desired but needed.

In today's world, we must be diligent in seeking symptoms and treatments for the diseases that plague our society. Home Care For YOU magazine fits that bill. It is the magazine of choice when seeking information about various diseases because it is written by physicians and other medical professionals who write from hands-on experience with their patients. These professionals tell the readers which methods have worked successfully for their patients; when to consider surgery, and when alternative medicine is perhaps a better choice.

Home Care For YOU is designed to address those aspects of human life that contribute to health, healing, and happiness, which in turn enables seniors to stay longer in the home they love. We have assembled experts throughout the nation to cover topics on nutrition, exercise, and mental health. We have also included columns about pets, gardening, travel, and healthy recipes, which aid us in living a balanced life. Like our medical articles, experts in various fields contribute the lifestyle editorial. These writers which include nutritionists, therapists, veterinarians, and master gardeners are eager to furnish answers to your questions and enhance your reading entertainment.

Radius Magazine Awarded For Excellence
Radius magazine was recently named among the winners of the 2011 Awards for Publication Excellence, (APEX), competition. Radius won the award in the "One-of-a-kind" category in Health and Medical Publications (Best Spring Issue).

The award marked the second straight year for Radius to be singled out as an APEX award winner. With more than 3,300 entries, the judges labeled the competition "exceptionally intense." APEX Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communication excellence.

Radius is indeed a one-of-a-kind magazine in that only physicians or other health care providers provide the editorial. "Reading Radius is like receiving a house call from the doctor," cites Dr. Dev Brar, publisher of the magazine. Brar, who is president of Nightingale Home Healthcare, says he started Radius in an effort to put factual, authentic health information into the hands of readers who take their health and healthcare seriously.

"I didn't want our magazine to be just another sensational head liner that touted 'lose twenty pounds in ten days,' Brar states. " I wanted to provide true facts for our readers and who better to do that than a physician who sees patients daily and treats all types of diseases."

Patricia Kirby, Editor of Radius, says she handpicks the authors from a credible clientele throughout the US. "Many of our writers are either in private practice, work for prestigious hospitals, or teach at highly reputable universities. They are some of the 'cream of the crop,' states Kirby.

Physicians and health care providers of all specialties of medicine submit articles about major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and also include the most recent treatments for such. However, Radius covers a full genre of articles that offers a myriad of health related information from head to toe, in an easy-to-read and understand format.

The staff of Radius was pleased to receive the award and along with the editorial department gave credit to the creative department, headed by Rajesh Relan, for the artful design of the publication.

Radius is currently in a transitional phase, moving from print to becoming a totally on-line publication that will be available also on various electronic readers. All past and current issues of the magazine are available at www.radthemag.com, along with information on how to receive a FREE monthly e-letter.