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On Begley Street, new show begins for celebrity family
On Begley Street, new show begins for celebrity family The Begley family, which includes wife Rachelle and daughter Hayden, take their beliefs of going green and being environmentally sound to the table as well, where they all subscribe to vegan diets.

You may have enjoyed the TV reality show, Living with Ed, which featured Ed Begley, Jr. and his family who demonstrated what it was like living with, what some may term, an over the top recycler. The show follows actor Ed Begley, Jr. in his quest to live his life with a small carbon footprint. The series records the conflicts between him and his less zealous wife Rachelle Carson who many times suffers due to her husband’s uncompromising beliefs. Well, fans of that show can rejoice because Ed and family are embarking on a new show, On Begley Street, which features the weekly progress of their new environmentally-sound home, being constructed from the ground up.

Speaking with wife, Rachelle, who has been her husband’s sidekick throughout his continued remodeling of their former home, she says the new home could be a three year project. “First we had to make sure that all the materials from our demolished home were recycled; much of it was given to the Habitat for Humanity for their building projects. Then obtaining all of the proper permits created another waiting period,” she said.

The Begley family, which includes wife Rachelle and daughter Hayden, take their beliefs of going green and being environmentally sound to the table as well, where they all subscribe to vegan diets. Well, at least eighty percent of the time for Carson, she confessed. “I am more of a realist, and Ed is very disciplined in a purest way. But his heart is in the right place…I guess I am the grounded one,” she claims.

Carson herself, leads her own active lifestyle as a fitness expert and pilates coach to many celebrity clients including Madonna!

Hayden, who is a viable part of the show too, closely follows the footsteps of her parents in life and sets an example in school by demonstrating to her classmates how to make ecological choices.

Living with Ed enjoyed quite a fan base according to the posts on Begley’s Facebook page that included such comments as “I miss this show,” and“Hey, Ed thanks for all that you do.” If you missed viewing the show, the following posting on the Living with Ed website will give you a glimpse of what the show was like: The renovation of the Begley’s garage space causes neighbor Bill Nye to become more jealous than ever. Ed’s new garage-mounted tracker follows the sun across the sky all day long, unlike Bill’s solar panels, which just sit there unimpressively. The enormous solar panels drive Rachelle to distraction, who fears they might fall through the roof of their new garage.

Ed decides that he must teach Rachelle how to clean the solar panels in case he’s out of town, or passes away. Ed manages to complete one cleaning lesson, while giving Rachelle a bonus grammar lecture, and nearly knocking her off the roof several times with a broom.

That scenario gives an idea of what you can expect from their next show. On Begley Street is already stacking up to be every bit as humorous as their last TV hit, but focusing even more on the environment, which you probably have guessed to be the case because building a home from all recycled materials is the epitome of going green. You can view snippets of the show and watch their progress at http://onbegleystreet.com/. Depending upon funding, the family hopes to have the show airing on PBS by next fall.

Begley is best known for his role as Dr. Victor Ehrlich, on the television series St. Elsewhere, for which he received six consecutive Emmy Award nominations, but he has appeared in movies and television shows since the mid-sixties. And though many may see him as a not-so-serious, fun guy from his green shows, Begley does indeed take the environment very seriously. He received the Thomas Alva Edison Award for Energy Independence from the American Jewish Congress—the first one to be presented—and has been a leader in this field. He was recognized in November, 2007 for his lifelong work in environmentalism.

So if you want a prescription for your environmental fix just check out http://onbegleystreet.com/ and learn from the master. You will find the site not only informative but entertaining. As Carson stated, “Life with Ed is never boring.”

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"On Begley Street, new show begins for celebrity family"
   authored by:
Patricia Kirby brings several years of journalism, editing, and publishing experience to Radius magazine. She is a published writer and former co-editor of Hoosier Outdoor magazine, with a distribution throughout the mid-west. Patricia is also a form...

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