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Keeping Your Pets Safe from Common Household Items
Keeping Your Pets Safe from Common Household Items
What is safe for humans isn’t always safe for pets

According to the National Safety Council, thousands of lives have been saved due to physical barriers like child-resistant packaging and awareness campaigns. Likewise, in recent years, the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about protecting our vulnerable and unknowing pets from common household items that are highly poisonous to them.

“Every year, we receive thousands of phone calls from pet owners, veterinarians and veterinary technicians about potentially poisoned pets,” said Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC and associate director of Veterinary Services for Pet Poison Helpline.
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Your Pet’s Greatest Gift to You
by Doug Kokatavy
Your Pet’s Greatest Gift to You He told me I was wasting precious time being fearful and feeling guilty when we should be enjoying our last days and hours together.

Along with cheerfulness, trust, and unconditional love, your companion animal has another gift for you. It is perhaps the best gift of all because it has the power to change your life. No, your pet is not a sorcerer…just a four-legged creature sent to bring you some wise lessons. You need only pay attention to your pet to find the gift within. Let me explain.
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Homeless “John” Gets a Cross-Country Flight for Life
Homeless “John” Gets a Cross-Country Flight for Life The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Pet Airways and other U.S. rescue organizations, help coordinate the extensive effort of returning John, a three year old pit bull mix, to the west coast where he will have another chance to live and find a stable forever home.

Thanks to the Wheels of Hope for Homeless Pets van program, a homeless dog’s life has been saved through a successful cross-country transport that has given a courageous pooch a second chance at life, and an opportunity to find a permanent home.
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Can your pet Diag”nose” Cancer?"
by John Musico
Can your pet  Diag”nose” Cancer? To a dog, healthy people smell normal. However, dogs can recognize the “odor signature” of cancer. It is not limited to any particular type, location, or stage of cancer. It is not limited to any breed of dog, and they can smell VOC’s through clothing.

An episode of “60 Minutes” featured a woman from England whose dog kept sniffing a mole on her leg. When she had it checked by a physician, it was a malignant melanoma. After surgery, the dog lost interest in her “mole.” During the interview, the reporter learned of sixteen similar cases at that facility. One was a woman involving breast cancer. In that case, three months after treatment, the dog once again alerted its owner. The cancer had recurred.
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How to plan a safe and enjoyable pet-friendly travel experience
How to plan a safe and enjoyable pet-friendly travel experience Pets are more a part of our family than ever before. We want to include them in our experiences and adventures.

With an ever-increasing number of hotels, resorts, and recreational areas rolling out the “welcome mat” for your four-legged family members, record numbers of Americans and their pets will take to the road and the sky during this summer’s travel season.
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Keep Your Pets Safe, Happy, and Healthy This Springtime Season
Keep Your Pets Safe, Happy, and Healthy This Springtime Season Five Steps to Ensure a Happy, Pet-Loving Family.

As you bid farewell to the winter cold and the hustle and bustle of welcoming a new year, Loving Pets Products wants to share five tips on keeping your favorite four-legged companions happy, safe, and healthy to welcome the warmer weather of the spring season.

With a few simple precautions, our lovable pet companions can enjoy this season safely and in healthy style.
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How we can help our aging furry friends
by Susan Nelson, DVM
How we can help our aging furry friends Osteoarthritis affects one of every five adult dogs. It is more difficult to give a number for cats because they hide their pain reactions well.

Have you noticed your canine companion experiencing more difficulty in rising? Is your feline friend less inclined to jump onto high ledges? If so, your pet may be suffering from osteoarthritis, or OA, just as we people do. Osteoarthritis affects one of every five adult dogs. It is more difficult to give a number for cats because they hide their pain reactions well, but it is assumed more prevalent than previously thought.
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Lurking dangers for your pet
Lurking dangers for your pet Commonly used products like bleach, all-purpose cleaners, and other disinfectants can cause chemical burns on pets’ skin and can be toxic if ingested.

Household products that people use every day can pose threats to a pet’s health, according to Dr. Susan Nelson, a Kansas State University veterinarian. Commonly used products like bleach, all-purpose cleaners, and other disinfectants can cause chemical burns on pets’ skin and can be toxic if ingested. These injuries often happen because pets encounter the cleanser after the bottle spills on them or they walk on a freshly washed floor or bathtub. Dogs or cats that walk on these types of surfaces can get burns on their paws. In addition, licking their paws or fur can cause burns to the mouth and esophagus, she said.
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No Fireworks for Fido
No Fireworks for Fido The best thing owners can do if they are not sure how their animal will react to fireworks is to be with them at home.

If you heard fireworks anytime other than the Fourth of July, you might think a war zone was nearby and run for cover. It is important to remember this fact when the “booms” and “bangs” of this Independence Day start and Fido cowers under the bed with paws holding his army helmet on tight.
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Keeping your Geriatric Cat Healthy
Keeping your Geriatric Cat Healthy As the average lifespan of our cats increase so does the chance that owners will see age-related issues arise in their senior cats.

Cats, like their human counterparts, are prone to the aches, pains, and health issues that seem to come hand in hand with advancing age. Unfortunately, as the average lifespan of our cats increase so does the chance that owners will see age-related issues arise in their senior cats.
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What’s For the Birds
What’s For the Birds Birds make wonderful, interactive and affectionate pets. They are extremely intelligent and can bond very well with their owners. If you are considering getting a bird or already have one, here are some basic guidelines for feeding your pet and providing it with optimal nutrition. An avian diet can be a tricky thing to formulate, especially because eating behavior and food choice is so different from humans. Certain factors such as species, physiological state, environment, and gender play a role in what types of food each bird will require.
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Animal Abuse Linked to Domestic Violence
Animal Abuse Linked to Domestic Violence There is a demonstrated link between animal abuse and domestic violence and child abuse. Animal abuse may be an indication there is other abuse happening in the family.

Most people consider their pets to be family members or companions, not property, according to the 2007 U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook released by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Drawing on a 2006 survey of almost 50,000 pet owners, 49.7 percent of survey respondents consider pets to be family, 48.2 percent consider pets to be companions, and 2.1 percent consider pets to be property.
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Disaster preparation for your pet
by Susan Nelson, DVM
Disaster preparation for your pets Most of us think, “This could never happen to me.” The reality is, it can and does happen. A little advanced preparation for yourself and your pet is invaluable and may even save your lives..

We live in a world where disasters are an unpleasant fact of life. Fires, blizzards, tornados, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, ice storms, nuclear disaster, bio-terrorism—these are just a few that may occur. Whether they are man-made or from Mother Nature, we are often caught off-guard and then left scrambling to “bunker down” or evacuate. Most of us think, “This could never happen to me.”
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DOG FIGHTING, It’s about Voilence
by Steve Dale
DOG FIGHTING, It’s about Voilence Today, it may be geese, tomorrow it’s a dog, and the next day it may be a friend they could beat up side the head.

Dog fighting isn’t about race, income, or culture; it’s about violence,” says Chicago community activist Melia Carter A new coalition of Chicago community leaders, the police, city officials, elected officials, and leaders of the faith-based community have all teamed with local humane and animal rights groups to create an initiative called Safe Humane Chicago.
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No Animals Were Harmed
by Steve Dale
No Animals Were Harmed Concerns about animals on movies began in 1939 when a horse plummeted from a cliff into the water.

In Evan Almighty, no animals were harmed, though hundreds of animals were used in the movie, likely representing more species than any other motion picture ever made.

Species ranged from giraffes to zebus (a type of large African cattle). American Humane certified safety representative Gina Johnson says she has never worked with as many species as was seen in Evan Almighty, including badgers and hyenas, both potentially dangerous. Of course, Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Wanda Sykes, and the other actors weren’t on set exchanging lines with potentially dangerous animals. “If the scene required interaction with an animal – the actor was added (to the scene) later,” she says.
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Heat Stroke and your Pets
by Steve Dale
Heat Stroke and your Pets Because dogs don’t sweat, except for some from their paw pads; they don’t cool as efficiently as people do, and they are more susceptible to heat stroke.

So, you figure you are running into the store for only 15 minutes. You leave Fido in the car; and after all, you have cracked open all four windows and it is only 80 degrees outside. No big deal? Check out a thermometer. In 15 minutes, that car heats up to over 115 degrees (according to a Stanford University study).
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Betty White’s love affair with animals
by Steve Dale
Betty White’s love affair with animals It was my dream job, coming to work, and having animals as my co-stars.

How beloved is Betty White? In a telephone interview, I suggest her neighbors stand and applaud as she walks by, and that she must get a standing ovation in the fruit section of her local supermarket. “Not true, but you should see what happens when I buy meat,” says the 84 year old comedic actress. “I’ve just been around forever, that’s all it is.”

The second she appears from backstage and the audience gets a glimpse when she’s on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno or with Ellen DeGeneres on “Ellen,” they jump to their feet, and the applause is thunderous. Again, she deflects the compliment, “You know they’ve been sitting for so long, it feels good to get up,” she pauses. “Well, at least they recognize me.”
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Life Lessons from Patti Davis
by Steve Dale
Life Lessons from Patti Davis “We love them so unconditionally, and our hearts hurt so much when they’re gone,’ says Patti Davis. “I think there’s this sort of subconscious attempt to avoid hurting that much again by avoiding loving that much again.”

She talks as eloquently as she writes. Patti Davis, 53, has written six books, her last was the emotionally riveting and critically acclaimed “The Long Goodbye,” a memoir of her late dad President Ronald Reagan.

Her most recent book isn’t nearly as powerful, “Two Cats and the Woman They Own: or Lessons I Learned from My Cats.”

The book begins with Aretha. “We were both living in Malibu at the time,” recalls Davis in a telephone conversation.
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Doctors & Vets... Working Hand in Paw
by Steve Dale
Pets annd Vets Medical doctors are working in tandem with veterinarians sharing resources and knowledge to benefit both people and animals.

If a vaccine to treat melanoma in dogs isn’t amazing enough, veterinary oncologists working in tandem with their colleagues in human health have created a similar vaccine for people with melanoma.

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Pets and People, a healthy relationship
an interview with Diane Keaton

by Steve Dale
Diane Keaton on Pets in Radius Magazine Thousands of perfectly wonderful animals are desperate to find a good home; their life may depend on it. “Every person who loves animals can make a difference,” cheers actress Diane Keaton. “The animal you adopt will return the favor, and make a huge difference in your life.” Can she guarantee that? Keaton laughs during a telephone conversation, “Well, sure. I can honestly tell you every dog I’ve ever had has taught me something.” In fact, the Oscar winning actress even credits a dog for her decision to adopt children later in life. “Look, what I gained from my old dog Jonesy. I was given Jonesy as a gift. No, she was not the dog I had in mind. However, I fell in love with Jonesy. I learned a lot about my capacity for love from Josie.”
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A Healthy Relationship...
by John R. Scamahorn, DVM
Pet ownership does involve work and some costs, but the benefits are well worth the commitment. Did you know that owning a pet could be beneficial to your health? Sure, pets provide us with unconditional love and attention (that's why we have them), but numerous clinical studies show other direct health benefits. Pet owners have been shown to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than non-pet owners. Furthermore, pet owners tend to have reduced stress levels and a better mental well-being. A recent study revealed that interacting with and petting animals creates a hormonal response in humans that can help fight depression. Will your doctor soon recommend that you "go home, pet a dog and call in the morning"?
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